To ensure the safety of children and the smooth operation of the school, we have policies in place which include the following:
Dress Code
Student Code of Conduct

    Behaviour Management Code

    Skin Protection

   If you would like more information on any of these policies contact the school on 8255 6380.


Parents are asked to pass onto the school promptly any information related to infectious diseases, eg Rubella, Ring Worm, Conjunctivitis, Slap face, School sore, influenza and Head lice.

Please check with your local GP to find out how long children are to be excluded from attending school.
When a child returns to school after absences of more than three consecutive school days a doctor’s certificate is required.

You’ve Got What?


We provide a range of Intervention programmes for our students; these programmes include:

    • Whole class interventions – managing students at a variety of skill levels
• SSO support in class during literacy blocks
• One on one intervention, withdrawal from class to work with an SSO on a specific literacy programme
including Phonological Awareness.
• Guided Reading programmes
• Jellybeans- an early intervention reading support programme managed and delivered by a specialist teacher
• Speech support delivered by trained SSO in conjunction with DECD Speech Pathologist. Play is the Way


The Governing Council is the main parent decision-making body in the school. It manages many aspects of the school, including policy approval, finances, grounds and facilities.

The Governing Council members are elected at the AGM and members represent the whole school community.

The Governing Council meets twice a term, usually during the day.


Students have access to computers and the Internet as a normal part of the learning process.

The school has a network of PC computers, a computer suite with 30 computers and all classrooms have two computers available for student use.

All computers have access to the Internet.

Student use of the Internet is closely monitored by the school.


Non custodial parents cannot be denied access to their children unless a copy of a legal custody order clearly stating who the custodial parent is, is held on record.

It is the responsibility of all parents who have a current custody order in place to advise the school and make provision for a copy of the order to be held on file.

All information held by the school is strictly confidential.