About our school

South Downs Primary School can be described in three words – warm, welcoming, vibrant.

At South Downs Primary School R-6 and Disability Unit, we believe that all students can reach their full potential and experience success. We aim to challenge every student with high quality learning and opportunity while providing a safe space to grow.

Located just a few kilometres from Elizabeth Shopping Centre, the school has been providing quality education to the community since 1966.

Our vision

We provide a safe and caring environment, challenging each student’s potential through individualised teaching.

We exist to promote and develop appropriate community attitudes and values which enable students to achieve their personal best. The expectation is that students respect others and their school and academic achievement is acknowledged and celebrated.

The foundation of success at South Downs Primary School is:

  • Confidence
  • Getting along
  • Organisation
  • Persistence
  • Resilience

Our values

Our school values are:

  • Be Kind
  • Be Safe
  • Be a Learner

Our facilities

South Downs Primary School is located on the corners of Dockett and Mavros Roads, Elizabeth Downs.

The school features 4 buildings that house the Disability Unit and mainstream classrooms, including a computer room. There is a specialist gymnasium on site that students access during lessons as well as sporting grounds opposite the school in Argana Park.

We have an inclusive playground that has wheelchair access. Our outdoor space has a nature play area and garden featuring planter boxes that are tended to by the students.

All areas of the school have disability access.