South Downs Primary School is located on the corners of Dockett and Mavros Roads, Elizabeth Downs and is approximately 2.5 kilometres north, from the Elizabeth Shopping Centre. The school was built in 1966 and unofficially opened it’s doors to students in October of that year. The school was officially opened in November 1967.


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Site Context Statement


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All the school buildings are air conditioned and carpeted. Specialised facilities are basic, however, the school does have a computer suite, new gymnasium and well kept hard and green play areas.

The administration building faces Dockett Road along with the Staffroom, SSO work area, the Principal, and School Counsellor office are housed in the Administration area.


We provide a safe, caring environment, challenging each individual's potential through explicit teaching.

We exist to promote and develop appropriate community attitudes and values which enable students to achieve their personal best.
The expectation is that students respect others and their school and academic achievement is acknowledged and celebrated.
The Foundation of Success; Confidence – Getting Along – Organisation – Persistence and Resilience are consistently embedded through the School Values, Anti-Bullying Policy and the Programme Achieve programme.

The school has a rich tradition that encourages students to participate in teams and organisations which exist in the local community.

Achievements can be seen in consistently high standards of achievement in SAPSASA Carnivals.

Students make a positive contribution to the school through:

 Class meetings, offering advice and seeking student voice and opinion which
influence school decisions.

Student behaviour is managed through a well-established set of procedures and consequences.


The school maintains close and continuous communication through:

• Regular school newsletters, class bulletins
• Teacher – Parent discussions

Parents are welcomed into the school environment and participation is encouraged in the following ways.
• Classroom and extra curricula support
• Governing Council


New children can start school after their fifth birthday.
A transition programme is in place to ensure children move smoothly from Early Childhood Centres to Primary school.
For general enrolment enquiries please contact the school on 8255 6380.


South Downs Primary School

Mavros Road Elizabeth Downs.
Phone Number : (08) 8255 6380
Fax Number : (08) 8287 1564
Email Address :  dl.1038.admin@schools.sa.edu.au