The South Australian curriculum, Standards & Accountability provides the basis for programming, planning and assessing in State Government schools.

  • There are 8 Learning Areas:
        • The Arts
        • Design and Technology
        • English
        • Health and Physical Education
        • Languages
        • Mathematics
        • Science
        • History

The Site Learning Plan, 2016 has prioritised Literacy, Numeracy, Attendance and Site Well-Being.
Reporting to parents on their child’s progress is through bi-annual written reports and parent/teacher interviews.
Music and Dance, Literacy and Health and Physical Education are focus areas at South Downs Primary.
All R-2 students attend music lessons with a specialist teacher. 

 Students are given the opportunity to participate in the school choir.
All students are strongly encouraged to “ have a go ” at acquiring new skills that may increase their participation with community sporting groups.